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The mask made of 3-layer special medical interlining fabric is called meltblown mask. Spunbond fabric on the first layer, meltblown on the middle layer and spunbond medical fabric on the outer layer are used. Meltblown fabric prevents 99% of all antivirus permeability in the air. The weight of medical fabrics also increases the mask value and protection. The weight of the Meltblown mask is 75 gr and its width is 17.5 cm. The masks mostly used in the surgical field in our country are the masks used by all the people abroad. In order to manufacture and export these masks, it is necessary to have MEDICAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE, QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATES.

How can you distinguish the Meltblown mask from other masks;

If you see that three layers of fabric are used when cut with scissors, if the meltblown in the middle layer tears like money or paper when you tear it with your hand, if you do not see cotton-like yarn dispersion in the torn places, you are using real meltblown. Of course, if the weight value is 75 gr ...

Meltblown masks; It never causes bad odor since it is made of good, high quality fabric and weight.

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